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Our Professional SERVICES

We have very professional sourcing & purchasing team which have been dedicating in this field over 8 years. Based on experience, we're able to handle complicated BOMs from multiple suppliers, saving you the hassle of multiple purchase orders and waiting for your parts before sending in your order. And since parts sourcing is our field of expertise, we remove much of the risk of ordering the wrong parts.

Parts sourcing job proceeds strictly in accordance with your Bill of Materials (BOM), unless specified, all components we sourced are original components with excellent quality.


Our components team focus mainly on

•      Quality assurance

•      Regularly supplier performance survey system

•      Outsource qualified alternative suppliers and lower price substitute materials

•      More than 8000 kinds of components


We are also flexible in

Substitute parts if needed (for great cost reduction or shorter lead time), ANKE PCB will notify you first and provide datasheet or sample testing results for your approval. We will not use any substitute parts unless your approval.