Rigid board capacity

Rigid PCB capacity
Material: FR4\high TG FR4\Lead free material\CEM1\CEM3\Aluminum\Metal core\PTFE\Rogers
Number of Layer: 1-32Layers
Out layer Cu thickness: 1-6OZ
Inner layer Cu thickness: 1-4OZ
Maximum processing area: 610 x 1100 mm
Min board Thickness: 2 Layer - 0.3mm(12mil)
4 Layer - 0.4mm(16mil)
6 Layer - 0.8mm(32mil)
8 Layer - 1.0mm(40mil)
10 Layer - 1.1mm(44mil)
12 Layer - 1.3mm(52mil)
14 Layer - 1.5mm(59mil)
16 Layer - 1.6mm(63mil)
Minimum Width: 0.076mm (3mil)
Minimum Space: 0.076mm (3mil)
Minimum hole size (final hole): 0.2mm
Drilling hole size: 0.2-0.65mm
Drilling tolerance: +\-0.05mm(2mil)
PTH tolerance: Φ0.2-1.6mm +\-0.075mm (3mil)
NPTH tolerance:    Φ0.2-1.6mm +\-0.05mm(2mil)  
Finish board tolerance:        Thickness<0.8mm, Tolerance:+/-0.08mm       
Minimum soldermask bridge: 0.076mm (3mil)
Twisting and bending: ≤0.75% Min0.5%
Raneg of TG: 130-215℃
Impedance tolerance: +/-10%,Min+/-5%
Surface Treatment:           HASL, LF HASL    
Immersion Gold, Flash Gold,Gold finger   
Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin,OSP